Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Activity

Lots going on around the dirtyard this month. The house next door is slated for demolition and the sewing studio is getting set up nicely in the new two room format. I have been mostly sewing Breaksea Upcycle projects and inventory. Lots of recycled bike hats for spring. We got accepted to two shows; St Cloud sustainability expo on Earth day and Johnstock craft fair in NE Mpls in June. Right now I am on a tour of the West coast in Seattle, combining travel with visiting friends and buying vintage fabrics. I have found tons of good scores! If anyone is in the NE Portland area, check out Knittin' Kitten on Glisan and 74th. It is run by a mother/daughter team and has tons of uncut vintage yardage,recycled yarn, buttons, notions, trims, cutter quilts and linens. I got half a feedsack for $4! Being on the rare vacation is great but I can't wait to get home and get sewing again. There is so much inspiration to bring back with me.