Friday, September 16, 2016

La pas progress...

I'd been doing my hand sewing project, La Passacaglia designed by Willyne Hammerstein, in the manner described in the book and favored by most other internet sewsters. Doing each rosette separately, intending to stitch them all together in the end. 

I soon realized that with my limited color scheme I'd have to get a lot more organized, if I didn't want pink to but up against pink. I decided to stitch what I had together and work outward from there. It's very satisfying to see it come together but it could get unwieldy towards the end. We shall see...

Escaper sewing setup

During our stay on the Columbia River outside of Roosevelt, WA I took a little time for machine sewing. 
Here's my setup on the tiny table. Perfect for the Featherweight! 
I finished a pillowcase for Thurman, did some mending, and made a Rambler block.
Thurman helped by handing me triangles for the flying geese. He has a lot to learn about bias edge stretch but he is such a cute assistant that I don't mind.
This was strictly solar-powered so I didn't dare plug in the iron and use up all the juice. I've been 'pressing' seams with a half of a wooden clothespin so it's not very precise.
The Virgo part of me hates that wonkiness but since I got to sew at all, I can't complain too much. I'm thinking I'll try to make six total blocks and make a doll quilt for an elephant.