Sunday, June 30, 2013

Block shots for Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild

So I joined a quilt guild a few months ago and am trying to do some different things. I thought it would be nice to join a group that would help me challenge myself and encourage me to try new things. I sat in on a meeting of the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild (or mmqg, for short...) and I loved it! We do this fun block lotto each month where we all try to make a few blocks of a specific pattern or color palette and then a lucky participant wins the whole stack to do what they wish with. It is really great for me to make blocks I wouldn't normally think of trying and push my boundaries when it comes to color and fabric choices. 

This fractured star block had the wildest chartreuse green. To be honest, I really had some reservations about the bright color so, of course, I won the whole stack and had to make a quilt with them!!! { More on that later.}

This block was from a Madrona Road fabric line challenge. Again, colors I would not normally choose but really enjoyed working with. It is destined for a group quilt.

This one was a block lotto using free pieced wonky geese blocks and a color palette from a website called design seeds.

We also have done a 'cookie exchange' style block swap where all the participants make a number(18) of blocks and then swap them so we each go home with 18 different ones. Lots of fun to see what each person will make with their completed block sets.

These last two were a classic Kansas City Star block called Letha's Electric Fan and I was really excited to make them. The design is  so fresh and summery. The personal challenge for me with these was to use solid white ( I was surprised I even had any...) but I am pleased with how crisp and clean they came out. I won these as well and am trying to think of what to make with them.