Wednesday, December 12, 2012

End of the World's Fair Quilt

I spent the second half of August on the side of a mountain in North Carolina at an event called the End of The World's Fair. I set up a quilting tent with fabric, thread, scissors, books, and other sewing supplies. Everyone was encouraged to try their hand at stitching and anyone that wanted to leave a piece or block with me could contribute to a group quilt. A few people took fabric and inspiration back home across the country with them and mailed the blocks in later. Here are a few pics of the top so far. As you can see a lot of people incorporated embroidery and applique as well as commemorating specific days and events at the Fair. I used a few neutrals and a hand printed linen for borders as well as a bright poppy print. This one will be hand quilted and mailed back to the hosts of the Fair at the Last Resort. {Hopefully before the world ends...}

Tall Bike Quilt for Sheena

I designed and stitched this quilt for my good friends' first baby, Sheena. The smaller piece is a receiving blanket that converts to a standard pillow sham later on. I machine quilted this one in a star meander that loops back onto itself. It was finished right before Halloween 2012.

Levi's Quilt

This is a quilt I finished 2 years ago for my nephew Levi. I recently got to visit it and get a few snapshots. It was designed by me with inspiration from fields, sunflowers, and dandelions. I machine quilted it with a rambling design of curls, butterflies, and stars.