Sunday, May 29, 2016

On the road again.

Presenting our new home! It's a 21' 1987 Toyota Escaper 4 cylinder putt-putter. It pretty much tops out at 60 mph giving a whole new meaning to slow sewing. Slow life is more like it. After the complete chaos and stress of dealing with our house renovations due to our son's lead poisoning issues, and having multiple nightmare contractors, we decided we needed a break. So...into the unknown for now. Our house in Mpls is still our permanent residence if anybody feels the need to send me mail, but more than likely, I'll be coming to your town sometime soon! 

The inside has a tiny kitchen and bathroom across the back and a dinette that folds into a bench/bed, seen here modeled by Maxell (photo by Graham). Across from that is a couch that flips down to make our bed and the over-cab area we remodeled to be storage (read more room for my crazy fabric). It's pretty comfortable but we've learned that it's very important to promptly put stuff back where it goes. With a toddler in there, it gets cluttered up very fast. 

A small solar array on the roof and battery bank is enough to keep our fridge running and lights on when we aren't rolling down the road. We got a pure sine inverter to handle the variable motor on my Singer Featherweight but things have been so busy I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. For now it's hand piecing only, which is just fine with me. 

I've been working on my La Passacglia and enjoying the feeling of each stitch. It reminds me so much of a design I made up for my prom dress I made in 1994 (didn't actually go to prom tho). It just really feels full circle and complete to be stitching tiny stars together and traveling the country 20 years later, with a completely different head on my shoulders.

I can even sew while we are rolling down the road. So for now, look for me visiting your fabric stores and guild meetings. I'll be the redhaired weirdo with the poor social skills. 

P.s. Please comment with any fabric shop recommendations for Kansas City area.