Thursday, January 10, 2013

Scrap/string quilt with shot cotton

For a New Year's challenge I am trying to incorporate more solid colored fabric into my quilts. I picked up some shot cottons a while back at Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul and I figured they are as close to solid as I am likely to get. (Shot cottons are made with a yarn dyed technique where the warp and the weft are different colors giving them a depth and subtlety not found in regular printed fabrics.)  Since I have always enjoyed string quilts and am drowning in scraps this was just the project to start the year off right. It is really freeing to just sit down and sew bits together since I usually do paper piecing, which can be a little fussy. After I had thought of doing something like this I found a book called 15 Minutes of Play  by Victoria Findlay Wolfe which goes in depth into creating modern string/ scrap fabric and quilts. Although this isn't a quilt from that book, it is definitely inspired by the technique and philosophy outlined in it. 

 The best part of sewing this is seeing all the precious little scraps and remembering where they came from and whom I was sewing them together for originally.

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