Thursday, January 7, 2016

Fabric crisis! (But not the usual one...)

Do you know that feeling? The one where you feel the neeeeed for some such fabric just because you keep seeing it everywhere on social media? There's all the hype of a new print release, a blog hop, giveaways, lots of amazing quilts and bags, 'famous' bloggers and designers going on and on, etc. Sometimes I get caught up in all of that and buy the fabric and sometimes I wait for it to go on sale and buy it then. But I always buy it. Frequently I look at fabric on my shelves and wonder why I bought that or what it's for. Often I don't even like it. I just get caught up in shopping. 

Which should be unlike me. I have always been anti-consumer culture and never buy new if I can help it. I don't buy new clothes, new furniture, new dishes, new cars. Why is my sewing so different?  Goodness knows there is enough printed cotton on this planet already. So why do I keep obsessively buying more fabric than I can sew or afford?

I'm not sure of the answer and I don't think it's a simple one. It has to do with addiction, and hoarding(actual hoarding tendencies, not just funny coffee mug slogans), and wanting to belong to something. There's more to it too. The real question for me now is 'Can I stop?'. 

The other real question, which is less portant, is 'What the heck do I do with all of this fabric?'. Destash coming to an etsy shop near you...

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